Established in 1887

Construction Law

Bartlet & Richardes LLP provides a wide range of services to clients involved in or with the construction industry, from suppliers and contractors engaged in the industry on a full time basis, to property owners dealing with members of the industry on a single project basis.

Areas of practice include:

  • Advice respecting obligations during a construction project
  • Preparing and registering construction liens
  • Prosecuting or defending construction lien actions
  • Presenting or defending delay claims, impact claims, and extension claims
  • Prosecuting or defending construction trust claims
  • Processing claims under performance bonds
  • Processing claims under labour and material bonds
  • Representation in construction mediations and arbitrations
  • Prosecuting or defending actions related to defective construction
  • Drafting construction contracts and subcontracts
  • Review and interpretation of construction contracts and subcontracts
  • Advice and document preparation relating to tenders



Bartlet & Richards Law Firm, Windsor


Suite 100 - 2565 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor, ON N8X 1L9


519 253 7461


519 253 2321

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